1500 to 1600

Sultan Muhammad 
Allegory of wordly and otherwordly drunkenness

Manuscript illumination, opaque watercolor, ink and gold on paper, 1526 approx. 28.9 x 21.6 cm.

Sultan Muhammad 
The angel of mercy took the cup of rejoices

Manuscript, illumination. 1527 approx.

Sultan Muhammad 
The lovers’ picnic, or Lovers entertained by music and dance. From the Diwan of Hafiz

 Manuscript llumination. 1530 approx.

A banquet given by Shah Tahmash for Homayun Shah of India

Fresco, dated 1543. Isfahan, Chehel Sotun Palace.

Comic goat dancers

Drawing, 1550 approx.

Male Dancer

Manuscript illumination. 1550 approx. From a Persian dictionary of the 16th.

Dance of the whirling dervishes

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1580 approx.

Young female dancer

Manuscript illumination, miniature, color, 1590 approx.

Male dancers in front of a building

Manuscript illumination, 1600 approx.

Four male dancers

Manuscript illumination, 1600 approx.

From the Book of Kings “Shah-Name” of Firdowsi

Manuscript illumination, 1600 approx.

Dancer Qajar 

Painting, oil on canvas in ogival form “rentoilée”. 1600 approx. 162 x 92 cm diam.